Why you should understand Somatic Intelligence

I recently read Getting Our Bodies Back, by Christine Caldwell, which emphasizes the importance of somatic intelligence in our daily life. The author shows how everything goes through the body in different ways, and invites us to turn to our bodies to shed inner light on our emotions.

We generally avoid feeling in our bodies because it is painful, and denial is easier to manage; it allows us to function by controlling our actions instead of living them.

This control is very demanding on an energy level, and it is often the source of more pain than the emotions themselves.

The filters we maintain with this attitude also distance us from our relationship with ourselves and with others, since emotions remain present despite the filter we impose on them.

It is easier to project these emotions on external factors than to take responsibility.

For example, anger is at the level of the jaw, and sadness is at the level of the chest. Feeling pain at this level allows us to highlight the hidden emotions clients cannot name by themselves to help them become aware of them and thus choose to accept them.

When I read that isolating oneself is a defense mechanism representing the avoidance of not receiving what others have to offer us to progress… we lose the benefit of being in the present time.


The moving circle is the only way out of our limiting beliefs through our sensations and our limits, to experience the whole through these three phases.


  1. Mindfulness is having the courage to accept our emotions instead of filtering them, which also allows us to restore our ability to feel pleasure.
  2. Adapting our emotions without projecting them onto others, avoiding denial, blame and excuses that rationalize the situations lived to regain our power. When we make others responsible we give them power over our vitality.
  3. Acceptance, or lack of love for us, is represented by physical pain at several levels. But the most important is breathing, if it is not full and deep, it cuts us the ability to fully experience our emotions in pleasure or pain.


To properly integrate all the phases, it is necessary to practice the change regularly so that

our brain, muscles, and organs record these new patterns because anything that is not completed will be repeated.

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