This need for belonging that fulfills us

What makes us happier at work and in life in general?

It is different for everyone, however, I have observed among my clients that there is a common theme of belonging to a group with whom we share the ideals, with common denominators of balance and having our own network of support.

People often tell me they need to surround themselves with people who think like them, who strengthen their ways of thinking. It is reassuring not to challenge prejudices; people need to be right. The opinion of those who identify us as their equal reflects our social identity and helps us keep our mental balance.

Social networks help nourish this basic need, hence their exponential popularity in recent years. Still, some clients have expressed their dismay in witnessing all the prowess of their friends, so they shut themselves in solitude and avoid publicly communicating their distress.

In coaching, our key question is often, “Who or what am I serving in this situation?”

What do you disclose to the outside world and what does stays silently inside you?

In which area of your life is your attention focused now?

What you do ignore?

Who is more absent?


The balance for me is to be surrounded by authenticity and maintaining a trusted support network by accepting daily changes in all spheres of our life.

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