Taming your blind spots

Every living being is made up of light and shadow. At the root of all interpersonal conflicts and burnout are issues related to our shadow. We want to hide it because we want to show the best of ourselves, to pretend we are perfect beings.

And if we decided to embrace the fullness of ourselves rather than subtract anything to sacrifice ourselves to the endless demands of perfectionism, how will our relationships in all areas of our lives advance?

Many clients share their shame in asserting themselves for fear of displeasing others, being judged, or being caught out or not being accepted by their peers. Perfectionism is self-destructive, and we are all perfectly imperfect in our own unique ways. Embrace it!

We find in our shadow some positive qualities that were not welcome in our social circle, and that we have repressed them to be more accepted in our performance-based society, all our efforts will probably never be enough.

Accepting a factual situation is neither excusing nor approving it. Giving up our mental fights and letting go of the YES and the BUT clears the contrary and creates a path for a simple, fluid, and caring action.

Remember that the personal shadow is all that we hate of ourselves... and of others.

References from the book: Discover and Welcome the Shadowy Side, by Mireille Rosselet Capt, Jouvence publication.

Références tirés du livre :Découvrir et accueillir sa part d’ombre par Mireille Rosselet Capt, édition Jouvence