Coaching for managers and entrepreneurs 

Improve your skills for real business results!

In the current market, leadership development for managers and entrepreneurs is left for people to pursue on their own. You are expected to demonstrate revenue growth in your department or business, be creative, innovate, and manage change daily with less human and financial resources than you need. And you must do all of this while keeping employees happy and managing turnover!
Most importantly, you must be aware of emerging situations and beliefs that affect your business to prioritize, strategize, and execute whatever is necessary to achieve your goals. It’s a tall order indeed—and most companies expect you to do this without any training!

Business coaching and training provides support to help leaders get to know themselves better and take concrete action that will contribute positively to the development of their business.

Improve your professional performance by working according to your needs on key leadership skills:

  • Political Sense
  • Managerial Courage
  • Result-oriented Communication
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Motivation

We will jointly determine your objectives and outcome measures at the beginning of the program. Contact us!


Management support for entrepreneurs and managers

Personalized management coaching for proactive leaders.

Get personalized coaching and support to better manage your business’ growth or decline and help you solve your practical management problems.

Lucie brings more than 20 years of experience as a multidisciplinary and multigenerational team manager who offers strong and independent support for your business and personal goals.

To qualify for this coaching, you must sincerely want to improve the situation and work closely with the consultant by providing information to assess practical options.

Be ready to move beyond the status quo to make progress and take responsibility for implementing changes. The process includes:

  • Assessing the business and competitive environment
  • Identifying recurring issues and challenges
  • Assessing success and failure factors
  • Evaluating resources, sales staff, and recommendations
  • Getting continuous support for achieving new goals
  • Internal and external communications