Lower expectations and increase appreciation

We live in an era of performance. We are oppressed by this demand to perform better and to do more to be appreciated.

Managers cannot escape the pressure for results in their working environment, and the way to achieve them remains particularly tenuous.

I observe in my clients a constant dissatisfaction with their performance and that of their peers and/or their employees. When I ask them what they have done well according to their perspectives, and how they rate their levels of dissatisfaction and satisfaction, the results surprise me regularly.

Most appreciate more than 70% of what they have accomplished, and they highlight the 30% they regret.

What prompts us to see the black spot first in the middle of the great white wall, when the white space occupies most of it and reflects all the possibilities we want to explore and perpetuate?

I invite you to reflect on your last words of appreciation given to yourself or your loved ones regarding all the positive achievements from the past few weeks.

Recognizing and appreciating what we have to offer helps us appreciate what others offer us with all their good intentions. Lowering our expectations to a realistic level and increasing our appreciation of what is done according to our needs remains, according to several specialists, the most effective path to wellbeing in all spheres of our lives!

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