Individual coaching in integral development

Experience new possibilities!

Integral development coaching aims to cultivate your skills to enable you to perform better in all areas of your life.
The role of the integral development coach is to see your potential and to empower you to begin the transformation you want.
This methodology allows you to observe yourself and to self-correct in a sustainable way when your actions do not align with your intentions.

Our mission is to help you develop your skills so that you can go beyond today’s challenges.

In practice, successful coaching achieves the following results:

  • Continuous and long-term excellence
  • The ability to observe yourself in action and to self-correct
  • The ability to generate new learning on your own

Concretely, this means that your coach acquires a deep understanding of you in all your dimensions. They lead conversations with you that help you to raise awareness of yourself and to see new possibilities, and they offer customized development activities for you.

For more information on this integral methodology, visit the New Ventures West site.