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Individual coaching
Cultivate new skills that will enhance your performance in every area of your life.


Management Consulting
Get personalized support to better manage business challenges in a changing environment.


Group Coaching
Strengthen your team through action-based learning while promoting personal development and sustainable change within your organization.

Business Staging

Business Staging
Increase the value of your business when preparing for acquisition by planning, consolidating, and structuring your business processes and resources.

Lucie Leduc

Founder, CGC Coaching
With 27 years of experience in high-level managerial positions and training in individual and group coaching, I have the skills and the passion to support all aspects of team performance. Learn more ...

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, I'm changing myself. “

What our customers say...

I worked with Lucie when I was in my first managerial position. Thanks to her presence and her ability to listen, she created a bond of trust from our very first meeting. She got to know me well and supported me at every stage of my progression, and in all the spheres of my new role. Lucie taught me how to deepen my ability to respond effectively to what is happening to exercise my leadership. This is what allows me to grow when facing the challenges of my professional life.

Thank you, Lucie!


Writing Coordinator, SOQUIJ

I was fortunate to do integral coaching with Lucie, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. She was able to target my personal and professional issues, and she helped me surpass myself and achieve the goals we had set for all the areas of my life. Her analytical and business sense allowed me to reach new heights in my career and improve many aspects of my life. I recommend her services to anyone who is serious about making progress in their life.


President, Consultaxion

At first, I was not sure I understood the integral coaching process and wondered what it would provide for me. But after only one meeting with Lucie, who gave me immediate confidence, I decided to embark on the process!

I learned a lot about myself, my way of seeing the world, the relationships I had with people, and my patterns. Lucie made it possible for me to make this beautiful discovery which now leads me to take interesting new paths!

I loved working with Lucie, who is always smiling, welcoming, and attentive; I can tell her anything without judgment, and she always has a challenging exercise that allows us to advance in our reflections!

Huge thanks, Lucie!   


I have always been skeptical with programs that resemble coaching because I seldom share what I live and feel. With the integral development coaching program, I found that it is not necessary to do a psychoanalysis to get to know oneself.

I never imagined that it could help so quickly to see clearly in a situation that seemed hopeless.

Thank you for helping me better understand my behavior and my choices. I will remember the key points every time I run into a comparable situation in the future.


Strategies Council

Lucie has an unusual personalized coaching approach.

I have consulted several professionals in this field and she is by far the most relevant coach I have met who has been the best support in my development process. Her approach has allowed me to realize what I really wanted. Her techniques are simple, direct, effective, and smooth.

The exercises/readings between the sessions made me progress at my pace—high speed.

She is a rare pearl!


Director, Partnership Development, and Strategic Alliances MSO

Lucie has coached me for a few months and I see an enormous difference in my happiness at work and in my personal life in general. She is excellent at helping to identify and understand the mechanisms that block my progress and prevent me from being a fully accomplished person and entrepreneur. She helps me to step back to see myself, gain autonomy, and bring about lasting changes.

I highly recommend Lucie for the high quality of her support, her finesse, and her insight. Her coaching is an investment in myself that I do not regret!

Thank you, Lucie.



Taming your blind spots

Every living being is made up of light and shadow. At the root of all interpersonal conflicts and burnout are issues related to our shadow. We want to hide it because we want to show the best of ourselves, to pretend we are perfect beings. And if we decided to embrace the fullness of ourselves […]

When emotions invade us …

Meditation brings inner calm and a connection to ourselves, bringing us to the present moment when emotions dominate our reason. I invite you to listen to this video when everything is in turmoil in you and around you. Choose a quiet place on a chair, feet on the floor, while paying attention to your breathing. […]

Human management: do you have a directive or collaborative style?

Managing a team means optimizing everyone’s potential by accepting their differences. I have observed in my career that leaders who surround themselves with like-minded people are bound to limit their development opportunities and those of their team. Managers who do not trust themselves are afraid to be surrounded by strong people who will challenge them […]

Sharpening your political sense

Developing one’s political sense is often a recurring challenge among my clients. It is a necessary evil to progress in corporations, and often our ability—or lack thereof—to play the political game makes us cringe.  When we do not feel powerful, we avoid the game and we judge those who do it skillfully. In fact, we […]

Overcoming resistance to change

I have recently discovered some fascinating writings on neuroscience and leadership, specifically the article written by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz about bonds between the brain (organ) and the mind (the human consciousness that thinks, feels, acts, and perceives). They describe that any organizational transformation that considers both the physiological nature of the brain and […]

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