Group Coaching and Team Mobilization

Strengthening team spirit with action

In business, when things get tough, problems may seem bigger than they actually are, and we can lose sight of many opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and innovation. We lose our bearings and stop working together.
The group coaching circle allows us to recreate a broader and more dynamic framework. We become more inclusive, curious, and creative, and above all, we get ourselves back in action with an increased sense of being in the process and doing the right thing.

You’ll strengthen team spirit with action and promote personal development and sustainable change within your organization.

The basic principles:

  • Learning from your experiences and others
  • Confronter de vrais problèmes et défis
  • Confronting real problems and challenges
  • Discovering new possibilities through questions
  • Watching ourselves in action
  • Seeking meaning, listening, thinking, and acting
  • Learning and understanding rather than judging
  • Making learning and commitments explicit

We will jointly decide the goals and outcome measures at the beginning of the program. Contact us!

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