Lucie Leduc

Lucie Leduc is a professional business coach and an experienced senior manager with deep insight into building and running successful businesses. Warm and caring, she knows how to decode people’s real needs and identify their issues—even the hidden ones.
She is a valuable ally for managers and entrepreneurs because she has successfully walked the same paths.
Before pursuing her passion for coaching, Lucie held various management positions in the media industry, which is undergoing profound upheaval and moving from growth to decline. She is therefore able to understand the challenges of consolidating a team in a context of change.

Lucie’s genuine management style has developed the commitment of her employees, colleagues, and peers to common goals. She has worked with multidisciplinary, multiethnic, and multigenerational teams to bring out the best in all of them while respecting differences.

She officially studied coaching at New Ventures West School, where she earned her ACC certification from the International Coach Federation.
Lucie is now helping managers and entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities and develop complementary skills, both professionally and personally. She encourages team commitment and motivation and consolidates learning outcomes with action.
Lucie is committed and frank and is an unparalleled companion in promoting both personal development and sustainable change within your organization.